Gemini: About BAG

When I was fifteen, I found a 1970s Chanel suit for ten dollars at a garage sale.  It was brown and cream tweed, with an orange and green army fatigue lining.  My mom took me to the tailor, and I had him hack the shapeless skirt into a miniskirt.  A few months later, I was invited to the reopening of the Chanel store in Beverly Hills.  The suit was a size negative, and I was a size two.  The zipper on the skirt wouldn’t stay up.  Do you think I was stepping foot in that store in something else?  No!  Mom sewed me into that baby, and I spent the night not drinking anything so I wouldn’t have to pee.  So is my love of fashion.  So is my love of vintage. .

The way I wear it is not usually literal – I like to mix it up.  That’s why you’ll hear me talk about “doing vintage modern.”

I was with Ford Models when I was younger, and I’ve always loved writing.  This blog will be a mix of what inspires me, and stories and pictures of doing vintage modern.  I hope to inspire you to break out of the mold and look to the past to find a unique way to express yourself in the modern world.

Enjoy!  You’ll always get a little of each side of the coin when you have breakfast with a Gemini.