I have always loved my hats!  Especially vintage ones.  To this day, I have a little light green hat with floral trim.  It has a vintage Easter look to it, but fit right in above my Reservoir Dogs baby tee, baggy jeans and Adidas Sheltos (I’m hearing those are coming back, a topic I can’t get into right now).  I wore that outfit one of my first days of junior high, and I’ve been wearing colorful hats ever since.  Hats transform an outfit, hide a bad hairdo, and separate a person from the pack.  We’re not talking baseball caps, though I do wear those too… we are talking interesting, marvelous, unforgettable HATS!

Movie stars have always worn them; so have the British.  Shockingly, I have not been to England yet, but I am fascinated by their unabashed propensity to wear hats!  Kate Middleton has certainly brought the fascinator “back,” if it ever went out over there, and she has definitely made it cool to wear them stateside.  The other great hat get-together, the Kentucky Derby, encourages hats on the other end of the spectrum: big as hell.

Yesterday, I found myself doing a little hat shopping.

It reminded me of something…

Oh, the irony.  Happy hatting! Xxo

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