Oscar Fashion BAG Style

Hello, my Little Baggers, Welcome to the blog!  I am so excited to share “doing vintage modern” with you.

Because I never made it out of Hollywood, it is quite parfait that the first post is about the Oscars.  Glitz and glamour and someone will spill champagne.  Though I haven’t been to the big event just yet, I was a guest several times at the Daytime Emmy’s when I was on Days of Our Lives.  My favorite formal piece is a fluffy ostrich wrap that is worn around the neck.  It’s a hundred and thirty years old (definitely vintage)!

The first big event I nearly went to was the Grammys.  A friend in high school was going – her dad is in the music business, and she was talking about her choices for a date. I had a group of older friends, and a handful of them were in a band I would follow around town.

Me having a Cher moment from Clueless, I took my high school friend to their show, knowing she would form an immediate crush on the lead singer.  From there it was a piece of cake; and before I knew it, the band got an offer for a record deal, and she got a date to the Grammys.

I waited in the limo outside the Shrine while they watched the show, and the three of us went to the after-party at the Palladium.  Again, I wore vintage.

I took my favorite old-time movie actresses on Oscar night and mixed them in with modern stars wearing vintage at the Oscars.  I just love when people strive to be different.  It is so tempting to wear a custom-made gown today, with all the sketches being brought to film powerhouses.  When one of them breaks away from the pack and struts confidently in a vintage gown, it makes me very happy!

Of course, some women just have that doing vintage modern look, whether or not they’re wearing vintage at all.  I just had to include a picture of Cate Blanchett, despite the fact that she’s not even wearing vintage.  She always has that classic, but unique look I adore.

I can’t wait to see who will dazzle in an original from yesterday this coming Sunday!

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