I seem to be having a lot of Cher from Clueless moments.  This time, it happened in a mall; actually, just being in a mall reminds me of Clueless.  Walking through the Beverly Center the other day with my friend Julie, I gasped as if grasping for my last breath.  She wondered if something was wrong – I have, in fact, had major surgery on my entire spine.  No, it wasn’t that: it was the site of a gorgeous new bag.

The house formerly (and forever known) for 70’s lounge pants, Bianca Jagger (same thing), and Jacqueline Kennedy’s  pillbox hat is having a moment back on the mall floor.  I noticed Halston Heritage, like many others, when SJP teamed up with them, and I coveted the first drapy dresses she rolled out.  Julie and I were out to have some good times in the city ourselves – and once I saw that bag, we parked our soles in Halston.  I was dying to see if black and white bags are a trend, and I did find a few this season, along with the classic Birkin and a vintage lucite for solidarity.

Some women are “shoe people;” me, I am such a dress and bag lady, hence the acronym for Breakfast at Gemini’s.  What kind of woman (or man) are you?

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