Bring it On, Bouchon

I’ve been quiet lately, dealing with some pesty problems at home — but no more.  Time to go out!  Bouchon means bottle cap.  When you get me talking, especially about fashion, it’s hard for me to put a cork in it.

Bouchon, in Beverly Hills, is the perfect place to chat, and  spend an evening under the stars.  It is just  the right excuse to get a little dressed up on a Thursday night!

I am definitely a clutch girl — and this one happens to be very sparkly, and the only vintage I am wearing… like I say…  What I love is taking a simple, modest piece and jazzing it up.  You can get an a-line dress like this at the Gap (which is exactly where I did) and spiff it up with a statement necklace.  I always get stopped when I wear this necklace — it’s by a local designer who uses vintage-y pieces.  I found it at my favorite sample store, Shopaholic.  Add some bling on your wrist (my fav Judith Ripka), and you’re good to go!  It is so much easier than you think.  Okay, time to put a bouchon in me!



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