Day to Night

Could we get any busier?  Day to night, night to day (oh, mon dieu)!  For the latter, we have these, but what about the former?  What do you do when you are out running around all day and going straight to dinner or you leave work and head to a restaurant for a date?  Of course, you can bring an outfit with you, but I never like to pick out two ensembles in the morning.  And what if you don’t have time to change because you’re out and about?  With just a little swish of your hair and a click in your step, you can switch your big bag for a clutch (please, please, please do), and you’re ready for some low lights.  You didn’t even need to change your makeup.

I love how a bag can change your whole look – this one was an amazing find, a vintage bag from the fifties, never-used, !  I got it from my dear friends, the Clever boys.

The back of the bag is wicker — I’m kind of obsessed with most wicker bags.  You can get a really cute vintage one at a reasonable price and only look like you bought a Kate Spade bag, as on The College Prepster.  I’m with Carly on the car bag.  “Honk, honk!”

The dress was a cheap seventies find I got my hands on in a dimly-lit store somewhere.  I dressed it up, with a long gold necklace for day, and a really fun vintage-y cuff for night.

And then I went home barefoot, after all.

Photo credit: David Rosenholz

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