Green Bean

Don’t get me wrong, I love my black.  And for a while there, I wore nothing but popsicle colors.  There is a balance, and it’s in rich colors that make us pop.

Take the color green — one look at the About BAG page, and you’ll see how much I love it. From kelly to forrest green,  I have six or seven dresses, and why not?  It brings out our skin, hair and eyes in such an incredible way.  Dark green is wonderful on brunettes (and dark redheads), while light to medium green is fabulous on blondes (and light redheads); but then again, Jackie O loved to rock mint and lime green.  And I’m not just talking fabric — green in earrings can bring out the sparkle in a woman’s eyes like nothing else.

This Gemini’s birthstone is Emerald.  Hint hint.

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