Lemme in on Some Lucite

About six years ago, I realized I didn’t really have a fabulous clutch — or any for that matter, besides my mom’s beaded purse from the 70’s (some things are not vintage, just old).  As with most things, I went overboard, and now I have baskets full.  However, I would happily make room for one of the incredible babies by Edie Parker: new lucite clutches, like the glamour girls used to rock.  They come complete with — are you ready?  A  mirror attached inside!  What  more could a glamour girl these days want?  Not much.  I found some  vintage clutches that I mixed in: can you tell the difference?

Edie Parker is not the only one using plastic in her purses: Charlotte Olympia certainly is; but nothing says doing vintage modern like copying showgirls from the 60’s.  Lucite is certainly one of the most fun materials in jewelry and purses, and it is also chic in chairs and serving trays; but did you know lucite was used in World War II in place of glass on planes?

Lucite is pretty much the same thing as Plexiglas, but doesn’t it have such a better name?  My grandfather — Poppy,  flew as a right wing gunner in the war.  I like to think we were both surrounded by lucite.

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